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termux on e-ink | 2021-01-26, 16:28:00

I wanted to use my eink android tablet not only as a blogging machine but also for programming, so why not install something like python and jupyter on it.

The first to do would be installing termux 0.104 from F-droid's repository and then follow a guide such as this one to download and compile packages.

Unfortunately, my Likebook Mars doesn't have enough RAM to compile something such as pandas, torch or scikit-learn (which doesn't even compile anyway), so I've installed it on my samsung android phone, aarch64 armv8, compiled everything and made a backup.

So, if you want to quickly install termux, jupyter 6 - notebook (6.2.0), python (3.7.5), pip (21.0), wheel (0.36.2), lxml (4.6.2), numpy (1.19.4), scipy (1.6.0), pandas (1.2.1), keras (2.4.3), cython (0.29.11), theano (1.5.0), pynacl (1.5.0), R (r-base 4.0.3)+tidyverse, I offer my full backup. You can find the full list of installed packages by running pkg list-installed and pip list.

Steps to install

1. Get termux 0.104 from f-droid.org (as of 01/21 v0.105 is broken!)

2. Download my backup.

3. Follow the official guide to unpack and restore the backup.

I've included the cache files too. You could remove the cache files but removing the folders entirely might break the package manager's config.

Once you've restored the backup, fire up the terminal. Do not upgrade, particularly python. I've left python3.7.5.deb inside the downloads folder just in case you upgrade by error (you'd have to recompile all the packages for newer python version and expect that by chance they will all compile again).

To test it, quickly google some 'python pandas programming examples' such as this one, turn on jupyter notebook,

open a browser and then

The display is 4bit greyscale (if you're curious, the above screenshot was taken inside the tablet, so if you mirror the display on other device it's full colour) and you'll have to come up with something creative in order to distinguish the lines on the eink display.

I think it looks quite good.

And if you have a wall-mounted led strip such as I do, set it on green:

Like good old screens.

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